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Calling Comedians in Cquarantine with Timmy Boyle

Comedian Timmy Boyle

If you enjoy laughter, listening to comedians talk to comedians and embrace the awkward & absurd then welcome to the greatest live Instagram experience...nobody knew about. Timmy Boyle (comedian, author & founder of Up Standing Comedy) had just arrived home from tour when Covid19 shut down the world. Despite being severely technically challenged, he started a daily LIVE Instagram show hard could it be...and how long could a pandemic last. Timmy Boyle's "non-interview interview" show is a random, free-flowing, hilariously messy ride into the minds & backstage lives of entertainers world-wide, where anything could happen...and did. Including a trip to a goat farm. Now uploaded DAILY on YouTube and as a Podcast. PLEASE NOTE: No audio - or lack of audio - was killed in the transition from video to podcast form. The full experience can be watched on Youtube at “Timmy’s Shorts”.
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